Provence Destination Wedding Photographer in the Clos d’Hullias, France

Did I told you I love English weddings ? So you can’t imagine how I love being the destination wedding photographer of these two birds in the Clos d’Hullias in the French Riviera in Provence.

Chelsea and Tim are from Wales. They are deeply in love and they exude kindness and genuineness. Chelsea is a fashion hair stylist and Tim is a Director of Photography (so they know something about photography!).

When they discovered “Le Clos d’Hullias” in Saint-Christol-de-Rodières (in Provence) they instantly fell in love with the place; a stunning estate with nice swimming pools surrounded by fields and vineyards in the middle of charming French Provence. It was just the perfect place for Chelsea and Tim as all their friends and family could stay there for the whole weekend.

Chelsea and Tim your wedding will remain for a very long time in my mind. I liked you two from the beginning, and I still remember your first email: “we’re all about friends and family”, you told me. Your wedding day was just about that: enjoying time with your dear friends and family, and celebrating love. I cried with you a few times, laughed a lot, and had the best of time looking for the right angle to capture those perfect moments for you.

I was so lucky to share those beautiful slices of life with you. You two are genuine, kind and generous, and your love is inspiring.

Thank you guys for your confidence in me being your destination wedding photographer in Provence, France.




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The creativity and storytelling in this post are exceptional, and the images are simply gorgeous. You’ve done a remarkable job! Cheers and all the best for 2024, Anja.

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