Wedding and engagement photographer in Connemara, Ireland

When we got inquired about doing a photoshoot of those two birds we could not stand our excitement. Be a wedding and engagement photographer in Connemara must be outstanding! When they told us about their project, we simply couldn’t be happier. Ireland, Connemara, gosh… This incredible land with the innumerable lakes, you know this famous French song…

On our arrival in Galway, we were lucky enough to have a strong windy / rainy / sunny weather. We loved the city, we loved the people, we loved the spirit. Did you know the city population is 80 000 Irish souls? The local sport here is to get into one of these 400 pubs (!) to enjoy live music and a good beer of course.

Guys, we love you for getting us as your wedding photographer after being your engagement photographer in Connemara.



Reine and Pierre-Yves love this place located near Galway. The water is rarely very warm but they love swimming there together.

We then took the road towards the Connemara. Amazing landscapes. Most locals have a little piece of land where they harvest some turf for the fireplace. The place is simply amazing. Quite. It reminds you how perfect nature can be by its own.

Connemara landscapes can be so different from a place to another.

Guys, we love so much that moment with you in Connemara, Ireland. Your love was an inspiration to us. We look forward for your wedding…



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