Getting married on a rooftop in Brooklyn.

Kayla and Nick’s incredible wedding on a rooftop garden overlooking the East River and New York’s skyline.

Last autumn I had the privilege of working along side the talented photographer Thierry Joubert while filming Kayla and Nick’s story in Brooklyn. It was a great human adventure with all the appropriate ingredients: there was love, friendship, laughing, tears, a little bit of unexpected, and above all, authenticity. 
Thank you again Thierry for the good laugh and for your kindness.

I couldn’t summarize the way I see my task as a wedding videographer and photographer better than with the words of Nick’s aunt when she talked about a poem by Jack Gilbert, The Abnormal is not courage. When presenting the essence of the poem she was going to read, she said that “the poem favors continuity over the grand gesture [which] is troubled by the spectacular […] and is too close to style rather than substance”. This sentence deeply resonated with me (and the poem too).

A big team and plenty of gear is not my thing because it takes me (and you) away from the authenticity of that special day. My first aim is to be driven by emotions, and to lead the viewer through emotions. I don’t want you to be impressed by my gear and my big team and the special effects and my editing skills. I want you to be moved, stirred, driven by the story you’re watching. I want your story to be in front. Your connexion, your loved ones, everything that defines who you are and that is similar to no-one else. I want to be receptive to what really matters.



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